Our capabilities, resources, and initiatives are culturally aligned to create an outstanding experience for you, as a St James Client.


St James Business Services are committed to being proactive and responsive to your business requirements and ad-hoc requests. For example, we are located in central London to ensure ‘our people’ are fully accessible; whether your business is located in the City, the West End, Canary Wharf, or in the newly regenerated areas of London, such as Kings Cross and Smart Cities.

Trust and collaboration fuels everything we do at St James, in creating and developing ‘prolific relationships’ with our Clients, our Colleagues, and our Business Associates (e.g. the FM community and supplier chain). With this in mind, we endeavour to provide a joined-up strategic approach which is essentially fresh and dynamic, whilst specialising in the classic provision of premium Reception, Front of House and Concierge Services.

We understand the importance of conveying a professional team spirit that reflects your “client culture”, and we make it our business to understand the logistics of your building or property portfolio, so we can promote the best features and manage any potential limitations.


OUR Services

Real service provision is not transactional, but relational.

Our colleagues act as your FOH/Client Ambassadors, actively demonstrating service ability that is driven by a common goal, namely delivering a “meaningful service experience” to your building occupiers and visitors alike.

Fully Managed Front of House & Concierge Service


Recruitment for Reception, Front of house & Facilities Personnel


Facilities Support



Operation & Support Services Director


Nicole Cameron-Stewart
Head of Human
Resources & Training

Ursula Blythe


Lina Elliot
Support Manager


No matter how big our Client’s business is, we keep it local, whether it is in the City, in the West End, or in Kings Cross - each has its own geographic culture.


St James Business Services are fully committed to working within a culture of engagement and partnership within local communities (e.g. business, residential, and visitors to London). In terms of minimising disruption, we believe that robust systems and procedures work best when they are user-friendly and everyone understands the importance of business as usual (BAU). We promote volunteering initiatives that truly make an impact within London communities. For example, one of our senior team volunteers two hours per week teaching philosophy to learners from vulnerable backgrounds, in terms of having limited education, mental health issues, or have a history of addition or low level crime. This Open Book Project has been successful in preparing entry-level students for further education (e.g. BA degree programmes or vocational studies), which will enable them to seek and gain future employment.

St James also makes a monthly donation to the RNIB, in order to support people with sight loss, particularly individuals who lost their sight later in life. Our donation helps these individuals to attend a six week rehabilitation programme entitled Living with Sight Loss.

St James have a dedicated relationship manager at the RNIB (based at 105 Judd Street, Kings Cross, WC1H 9NE) who deals with funding aspirations, potential volunteering, and sustainable initiatives, as we are keen to build on the value of this sponsorship going forward. We are also keen to provide work experience to young people from all walks of life. In terms of participating in sustainability events, this is something our FOH team relish, as it is an opportunity to showcase what we can do, whilst promoting our Client’s objectives.

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